Your Dream Home Builder

Building a new home is an exciting journey and a substantial financial investment, meaning you need guidance from an expert builder like Bullseye home builders, a Melbourne-based custom home builder with experience in working on many projects throughout Victoria. Our entire team is driven by passion, and we strive to surpass your expectations through our expertise, experience, knowledge, and innovative approach.

We have been building quality custom homes for our clients throughout Australia for many years, and our years of experience have made us capable enough of pulling out the best. Together with your support, we will create something extraordinary that you will cherish for the rest of your lives. In recent times you must have seen that many people are opting for custom homes. If you are thinking of building one, let us know why it has become the first choice of many.

Double story homes

Build the home you’ve always wanted to build with us. We have been building beautiful new homes for our clients across Australia. We have something for everyone; it does not matter whether you want to build a small home, an apartment, or any other type of custom home. We are always ready to assist our customers; we are always a call away from you at any given point. You must be excited to work with us; we are a well-known and reputed builder in Australia. What are you waiting for now? Contact us today; we, with your help, build the home that you always wanted to own.


We Are Home Builder For Your Dream 

Home With Your Personal Aesthetics

You can build one-of-a-kind homes that have personal aesthetics.


Home With Your Requirements

You can design every part of your home based on your requirement and liking. Custom home is a direct reflection of your style, taste, and personality.


Home With Your Personal Touch

Custom homes are designed entirely around you; every corner has some personal touch. You have the freedom to select everything you want in your home, including electronic appliances, wall, and floor coverings, and almost everything.


Home With Your Budget

Custom homes also give you budget flexibility, as you have all the power to choose what to include and what to not

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We work directly with our clients to get a sense of what they want. our professional team notes every minute requirements put forward by our clients. We make sure that the final house is built as per the standard and has a personal touch that our client wants. The custom home is an expression of an individual taste. Hiring us to go beyond just aesthetics; not only do you get your house to look and feel just like you’ve always wanted, but you also save time and money as we have direct contacts to suppliers and manufacturers that allow us to buy the product at significant discounts compared to the market.