Years of experience in building house basements

At Bullseye Home Builders – Melbourne, we build you a dream home, even beneath the ground as in the basement which is a unique way to live, we furnish your requirements for your home, to live in a limited space with luxury. Our commitments are to the fullest in all aspects from the building plan to the move-in process. 

We will assist you to find the best ways to utilise the living space within a basement without compromising on your dream home. Designs that will maximize space by using convertibles,  a separate custom builder will be available to understand and accommodate all your necessities. We can have a multi-room basement to incorporate all the rooms you need as suggested.


Our team specialist will undertake the geotechnical procedure that is a way to design your basement home and allow natural light rays to reach all around your living space, we create these designs of light wells and highlight windows to combat underground mindsets or feelings. Thus, we design appropriate ventilators to make your living luxurious in all comfort.


We will inspect the land before the building process to understand and determine the slope and angle at the land is situated, as slope can be a problem when it comes to building a basement, we also have a check on soil conditions, waterlogged areas as we plan eradicated these issues for the betterment of your living at you dream home for a lifetime.

We will ensure safety is assured to all corners of your home, without disturbing the surrounding structures by sending our main specialists to the site so they can analyse and provide a plan to build you a safe basement home with modern techniques and equipment’s at Bullseye Home Builders.




 The suggestions we provide for your best basement home living are as follows:

  1. Underground - Multiple car or bike garage that is safe and secure from weather conditions and theft.
  2. Underground - Storage of books, wine, kitchen appliances, and so on.
  3. Underground - Living area in addition to spacious sitting and dining space.
  4. Underground - Office space to work in a place with no interruptions.
  5. Underground - Gaming room and gyms at your own home.
  6. Underground - Music studio that has soundproof walls to raise the high volume you need.
  7. Underground - Home Theatre with unlimited space, movies, and snacks to enjoy your leisure.
  8. Multi-room options and roof gardening


You can experience and enhance every moment of your life and create a lifetime memory by doing the best decision to build with us, customize your home to build your basement dream home with the trusted builders the Bullseye Home Builders at Melbourne.

With various awards and multiple financial benefits, choosing to build your home with us, the Bullseye Home Builders is the best choice, contact us right away, and we will guide you through.

Your dreams and desires, we build and design at Bullseye Home Builders.

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