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Multi Occupancy Home Designs

How about earning extra income while owning your own home sounds to you? If this excites, you then consider owning a Multi Living occupancy. This gives you many advantages; not just that you own two different living spaces but also offer privacy, comfort, and extra space for your guest. The concept of owning two or more different homes under one roof provides limitless possibilities. If you are planning to build your own house, go for a multi living occupancy. It is a perfect solution for multiple generations living together. It also opens a way to earn an extra income.
Owning a multi occupancy home is becoming the necessity of our modern life. Contact Multi Unit Development Melbourne, known for building high-end multi-unit development property in Melbourne. We have years of experience in building houses for our clients all across Australia. We have the skill, knowledge, expertise and tools to build your dream home. Owing a multi-unit property has many advantages in today’s world. Still, if you are not convinced with the idea of owning this kind of home, the below-mentioned point will help you out:

  • You Earn Extra- With this kind of home, not just do you get your own home, you get to earn extra by renting the other part of the property to someone. If you already own a home, you can rent both parts and earn a good amount every month. 
  • Your Second Home- In case of any fight or emergency, a duplex design will act as an extra home for you or your family. Not just that, if any kind of renovation is going on and you need to vacate your house, you can always shift to the next house for the time being. 
  • Clear Your Mortgage Early- In the case of dual living homes, you need a lot of capital to build that house, but you are building two houses under the one roof that allows you to earn extra every month, and this additional income will allow you to pay your debt quickly.

There are many other advantages that you can think

Let’s discuss the types of dual occupancy homes

Granny flats

Granny Flats

As the name suggests are for older people and are usually small. These are popular among families with parents who are ageing and want to keep them nearby without sharing their personal space.


Dual Living

The second one is a duplex mostly divided by a wall. In most cases, these are sold separately, have two electricity bills, separate council fees and taxes.

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When three houses are built adjoined and share a common driveway and the street. These buildings can be single, double stories based on the requirement and the need.

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In this, a new house is built in front of the existing building. A section of the land is removed to build a home and make way for two or more dwellings.

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These are the most famous ones; in this case, the structure has multiple units and storeys. In these structures, most of the facilities are shared, such as parking space, garden, and playing areas.

If you are interested in dual home design, contact us today or check our website for dual living home design. We are one of the renowned builders known for building multi-unit development to enjoy your future in the homes built by us. Our work will give you confidence and offer you a sense of freedom to achieve your life goals. Contact us today, and our team of experienced designers and constructors will be at your doorsteps to help you follow all the government-recommended guidelines and get things in order. Call us today to request a free no-obligation home design consultation.